The Da Vinci Choice card has dynamic CVV, expiry dates and PINs.

16 January 2018

The Da Vinci Choice card has dynamic CVV, expiry dates and PINs that change at the push of a button.

The technology allows you to link up to eight Visa, Mastercard or American Express cards onto a single card.

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ScramCard announced as an FStech Award Finalist

12 January 2018

ScramCard is shortlisted for the Most Disruptive Financial Sector Technology. ScramCard has created the world’s first EMV certified polymorphic-payment ready universal card with enhanced identity and payment protection.

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A fraudproof card: Too good to be true?

09 January 2018

Card fraud is rife in the UK. According to Financial Fraud Action, £768.8m ($1bn) was lost to fraud in the UK in 2016, with 80% of this through payment cards. Is there a way to prevent this? ScramCard thinks it might have a solution.

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New Futuristic Bank Card That is Impossible to Clone

11 December 2017

It is almost a necessary evil, or if you look at it from another perspective, almost irony.

Credit cards. We need them, or at least a debit card, as more and more we are moving to using less cash, and more plastic.

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'Da Vinci Choice' is a Card with a Built-In Keyboard and Screen

10 December 2017

Da Vinci Choice' is the name of a new payment card created by Simon Hewitt, the former chief security officer of one of the largest banking groups in Australia.

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Give your PIN to strangers with this bank card of the future.

15 November 2017

Da Vinci Choice is the start of the next big thing in finance.

In a world of hackers, poor cyber security and weak passwords, we need our bank cards (and banks) to do more to keep our money safe.

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ScramCard’s DaVinci £75 Mastercard readies for launch-will it succeed where $100 Coin failed?

14 November 2017

ScramCard has been in the offing for some time. Now it is attracting consumer press attention with the impending launch of its anti-fraud payment card, dubbed DaVinci.

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The new sci-fi bank card that's impossible to clone – but how well does the Da Vinci Choice actually work?

03 November 2017

It's the size and shape of a normal credit card, and can be used in exactly the same way anywhere that accepts MasterCard, but the new Da Vinci Choice card is anything but normal.

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Protect all your payment cards and cut card fraud with a Da Vinci Choice card with Mastercard

20 October 2017

The Da Vinci Choice Mastercard card is a unique electronic payment card that generates one-time PIN/security codes for use when purchasing...

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ScramCard launches anti-fraud payment card.

12 October 2017

ScramCard has unveiled its Da Vinci Choice Mastercard payment card – an electronic card that generates a one-time PIN/security codes for use when purchasing in store, online, over the phone or when withdrawing cash from an ATM.

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Former Westpac exec fights fraudsters with Da Vinci card

10 October 2017

A former senior security executive at Westpac has founded a firm that lets people put all of their cards on a single piece of plastic that generates one-time PINs for transactions.

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