New Futuristic Bank Card That is Impossible to Clone

11 December 2017

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It is almost a necessary evil, or if you look at it from another perspective, almost irony.

Credit cards.

We need them, or at least a debit card, as more and more we are moving to using less cash, and more plastic.

As to where the irony may come into play, is that by using these plastic conveyances of purchasing power, we can leave ourselves open to identity theft, or money being stolen out of our accounts.

However, there is a new bank card in town, and one that is impossible to copy or clone. The card is named Da Vinci Choice card, and is a high-tech futuristic card that you can use in shops and stores an online with total confidence it will not be cloned or your money being taken out of your account.

What makes the Da Vinci card so unique you ask, two things.

Two, the card is impossible to clone or copy, and no one can steal your PIN or security code.

Bold statements I know.

So how does this work???

The card has a traditional chip and pin, in addition to a small screen, keyboard and processor. So it is like a small computer of sorts.

The card generates a new PIN for each use, and displays it on the screen.

Clever idea indeed.

The card was created by Simon Hewitt, who has worked for American Express, JP Morgan, and Standard Chartered Bank.

Mr. Hewitt states, “I’ve seen first-hand how easily people fall victim to fraud, and even if the money is returned, it’s a huge hassle and leaves people in the lurch with their personal finances.”

“Our proposition is simple; work with us to cut financial fraud out of your wallet.”

What is interesting is that the card itself is the size of a regular standard bank card, and fits all ATM’s and cash machines. The battery that powers the card is expected to last for 7,000 uses. If you used the card three (3) times a day, that would equate to about six (6) years.

OK, it sounds too good to be true.

Not really, the major downside is the card costs £75, and you need to actually take it out and generate a PIN for each use. Many of us prefer contactless cards and/or just using our mobile phones to pay.

Seems like not much effort to insure you’re not cloned or have your identity stolen.

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