'Da Vinci Choice' is a Card with a Built-In Keyboard and Screen

10 December 2017

Published in Trendhunter

'Da Vinci Choice' is the name of a new payment card created by Simon Hewitt, the former chief security officer of one of the largest banking groups in Australia. Unlike many plastic payment cards that simply occupy space in one's wallet, Da Vinci Choice is smart and computer-like, complete with its own built-in screen and keyboard.

In terms of the overall look and design of the card, it retains the same convenient size as most credit and debit cards. However, the design of the Da Vinci Choice sets itself apart by enabling a consumers to turn it on with a power button, input a temporary Da Vinci PIN and select how they would like to pay. Since PIN codes are prone to being stolen, Da Vinci Choice opts for one-use codes that help to reduce the risk of money being stolen.

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