Q. About

Da Vinci is a registered trademark of ScramCard Global (Hong Kong) Limited. ScramCard has unique intellectual property and capabilities that have been embedded within the unique product that’s being offered as a Da Vinci card.
A Da Vinci card is a new and unique electronic payment card product. The card protects you from identity theft and payment fraud.
The Da Vinci card allows you to link your payment cards to it as a source of funding for when you want to use the card’s secure features to make a purchase. Once linked, you can use the Da Vinci card to select the card you would like to be used to fund the purchase with.
The card creates one-time-codes for use in Point of Sale (POS) terminals and ATMs, and a one-time security code for online and telephone shopping. This provides a high level of security against thieves who try to steal card numbers and skim PINs.
The Da Vinci desktop and app Portal provide secure and convenient access to card management and secure funding features; they also provide a unique view of expenditure that aggregates your financial activity. You will be provided details of how to access the Portal when you receive your Da Vinci Card.
At this time, only UK residents over the age of 18 will be able to apply for the card. However, we are taking registrations of interest from all regions around the world and will be expanding out the launch program as soon as possible. We would encourage you to register your interest, even if you are not a UK resident. We will contact you when the Da Vinci card becomes available in your region.
For UK residents, the application subscription fee for the Da Vinci Choice card will be £7.50 per month over a 12 month period or a one off payment of £75 (incl. postage and packing).
The fair use warranty covers replacement of the card as a result of a defect being found within the first 12 months or within the expected life of the card – whichever of the two is shorter. The expected life of the card is based on regular battery checks and is displayed in the Portal.
Please do. Just click the Live Chat feature and we’ll do our best to answer your question.

Q. Ordering

When available you will be able to apply from the davincichoice.com website where you will be taken through the online application process.
It should only take a few days for your card to be shipped to you but an indication of exactly how long it will take to receive your card will be provided when you apply for the card. This may depend on the level of interest shown in the product and the need for additional cards to be made available.

Q. Use

The Da Vinci card can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted.
An unlimited source of funding cards and options can be managed via the Da Vinci Portal but only eight cards can be securely linked to the Da Vinci card at any one time.
Our secure web Portal will allow you to add your payment card details. Once verified that you are the cardholder you can then select which button you want to link the card to on the Da Vinci card. A user guide will be provided with your Da Vinci Card and the Portal takes you through an intuitive linking process.
To add cards with a different billing address you will follow the same process to link your other cards with an additional verification check to provide evidence that you are the cardholder. Further details will be provided online.
From initial application through to the use of the Da Vinci card, security checks, validation and verification is completed to ensure cards being linked to the Da Vinci card are legitimate.
No. You only need to remember one secret PIN – the Da Vinci card’s EMV PIN - for all your linked cards.
No problem. If you’ve linked payment cards to the Da Vinci card you can just as easily (and securely) de-link them and link new payment cards.
Yes, you will be provided with a PIN when you get the card but as with any other EMV payment card, you will be able to select your own PIN at any ATM that supports EMV.
You only ever input your secret PIN to the Da Vinci card. The card then uses the PIN entered to generate a one-time passcode that’s then used at the POS or ATM. This means that the code keyed into the POS terminal or ATM is not the secret PIN, which prevents the PIN from being stolen.
The contactless payment feature will not work on the Da Vinci card unless you’ve keyed in your secret PIN directly into the card. This ensures security AND convenience. You can input your secret PIN while approaching the retail counter. This prevents your card from being stolen and used for contactless payments.
Using your secret PIN directly into your Da Vinci card to generate a 3-digit one-time code. This dynamic code is used to replace the static security code (the CVV2) that’s printed on the back of payment cards while an additional 2-digit code is provided for use as the card’s month of expiry.
For most purchases you will not need your mobile phone to complete a transaction using a Da Vinci card. However, if you’re making a purchase and the retailer’s POS machine doesn’t support EMV, you’ll need to use the Da Vinci card’s magnetic stripe. Because magnetic stripe purchases are considered insecure, they must be pre-authorised by you using the Da Vinci Portal’s intuitive PRE>AUTH feature.
You should enter your PIN into the device prior to completing any of the selected transactions. You will then have up to 60 seconds in which to use that code before it expires.
The one-time passcodes remain on the Da Vinci card’s display for 30 seconds.
You have up to 60 seconds in which to use the code generated for your purchase or cash withdrawal.
If you forget the code that was displayed, you just need to re-enter your secret PIN to display another one.
Loyalty points awarded for using a funding card of choice will not change but you will not get loyalty points that relate to the use of a funding card within a specific retail store.
You will be able to view your transaction history and balance for your Da Vinci Card. Your on-line statement will show individual transactions, with details including:
  • The amount of the Transaction in the currency it took place.
  • Any charges made for the Transaction (e.g. ATM withdrawal fee, Da Vinci Service related fee).
  • The date the Transaction was authorised.
  • Details of the Funding Card used.
  • Foreign Exchange rates used where applicable.
Your statements will display Da Vinci with full transaction amount including any applicable fees.
Yes, you may use your Da Vinci card wherever Mastercard is accepted. If you are using your Da Vinci card for a transaction that is not in GBP the value of the transaction will be converted to GBP by the Mastercard network and will vary based on the exchange rate.

Q. Security

No. Each Da Vinci card generates unique codes for every circumstance based on the secret PIN input. As long as your PIN remains a secret, the device can only be used by you.

Yes. All payment card details are stored according to strict PCI DSS standards that protect your payment card details from being compromised and used by anyone else but you.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

No. No card details are stored on the Da Vinci card. In the event the card is lost or stolen, no linked card details can be extracted from it.
While it is inconvenient to have your card stolen, the last code you entered directly into the POS or ATM will be useless to the individual who stole the card as it will have only worked for you. Unless they know the secret PIN for the device its theft is pointless.
While being inconvenient, as long as the PIN remains a secret there is no risk of the Da Vinci card being used for fraudulent purposes if lost or stolen.


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The application subscription fee for the Da Vinci Choice card will be £7.50 per month over a 12 month period or a one off payment of £75 (incl. postage and packing). Terms and Conditions will apply.